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Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are looking for ways to restart their economies, public health officials are looking to guide safe reopening and people are eagerly looking to escape cabin fever. But tough […]

Don’t use hand sanitizer if you’re handling fireworks this Fourth of July, experts warn. That’s because hand sanitizers typically contain 60% to 70% alcohol, which is highly flammable. And fireworks — well, the word “fire” is in […]

Just six months ago, the World Health Organization got a troubling report from Chinese health officials. A mystery pneumonia had sickened dozens of people in Wuhan. That virus, which had crossed from an unknown animal […]

Summary: Humans and monkeys may not speak the same lingo, but our ways of thinking are a lot more similar than previously thought, according to new research from UC Berkeley, Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon […]

Sanduk Ruit himself came from a poor family and from an early age, he was firmly resolved to make sure the gift of sight would not depend on a patient’s means. He spent years researching […]

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