6 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Geology

Greenhouse and adverse effect of greenhouse

write about green house and adverse effect of green house effect.

7 months ago Grade - 9 Geology

Volcano and its effects

write about volcano and its effects.

7 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Geology

Rocks and their uses

What are Rocks? what are the uses of rocks.

7 months ago Grade - 8 (BLE) Geology

Short notes on lime stone.

Write short notes on lime stone.

7 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Chemistry, Geology

Industrial gases cause acid rain

How does industrial gases cause acid rain?

7 months ago Grade - 8 (BLE) Geology

Explanation of the process of water cycle

Explain the process of water cycle.

7 months ago Grade - 8 (BLE) Geology

Uses of Minerals

What are the uses of minerals?

7 months ago Grade - 8 (BLE) Geology

Characteristics of Minerals

What are the Characteristics of Minerals?

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