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The Paris Agreement Realizing the necessary of global unity for the battle against global warming, greenhouse-gas-emission-migration, adaption finance and climate change the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) signed the agreement in 2016 […]

People are spotting more animals, but not because there are more of them Coyotes sauntering down the streets of San Francisco. Neighborhoods flooded with birdsong. Snakes slithering onto trails and sidewalks. And of course, the rats. Rats everywhere. Somehow, as COVID-19 […]

Travel and other restrictions reduced daily carbon dioxide releases to 2006 levels by April. Stay-at-home orders haven’t just curbed the spread of COVID-19. They’ve briefly cleared the air. Daily global carbon dioxide emissions dropped 17 percent, […]

A record 53.6 million tons of electronics were discarded in 2019   The planet’s hefty pile of discarded electronics is getting a lot heavier, a new report finds. In 2014, the world collectively tossed an […]

Australia’s most recent wildfire season was so severe that smoke from the fires reached new heights in the atmosphere — and showed some very weird behavior while it was up there. A particularly intense series […]

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