3 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Environment

Absolute and Relative Conservation – Environment

What are the differences between absolute conservation and relative conservation?

5 months ago Tribhuvan University > Institute of Science and Technology > M.Sc. Environmental Science Environment

Paper bags or plastic bags? Choosing greener bag

Over the past few years paper bags are gaining more attention because of their durability and environmental  friendliness. But considering the fact that it takes more energy to produce paper bags and emits more pollution during production compared to plastic bag, which bag  is more environmentally friendly and should be used?

6 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Environment, Population

Relationship between Population, Environment, and development

Show the relationship between Population, Environment, and development.

7 months ago Grade - 9 Environment

Difference between Absolute conservation and Relative conservation

Write down the difference between Absolute conservation and Relative conservation.

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