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August 24, 2020

Koshi Hospital announces job vacancy for Consultant General Physician, Consultant Anesthesiologist, Medical Officer, MLT, HA, Staff Nurse, Lab Technician:
Province Government, Ministry of Social Development, Koshi Hospital, Covid-19 Treatment Center, Province No. 1, Biratnagar, Nepal

The Government of the Province, Ministry of Social Development in collaboration with Koshi Hospital, Biratnagar is operating Koshi Hospital, Covid-19 Treatment Center in Biratnagar. The treatment center has been providing treatment services to patients infected with Covid-19 and showing symptoms. Since the post has to be filled in the contract service for six months through interview examination in the post as per the details required to work in the ward including the recently expanded ICU.

From aspiring Nepali citizens who have reached the minimum qualification; All the details required to be filled in the application form prescribed by the Ministry within seven days from the date of publication of this notice to all concerned to submit the application to the email address vacancy.mosdprov1@gmail.com of the Ministry of Social Development, Biratnagar.


1. Post: Consultant General Physician

Ad No.: 1/2077/78
Level: Ninth
Service/Group: Health / Medicine
Required No.: 1 (One)
2. Post: Consultant Anesthesiologist

Ad No.: 2/2077/78
Level: Ninth
Service/Group: Health / Anesthesiology
Required No.: 1 (One)
3. Post: Medical Officer

Ad No.: 3/2077/78
Level: Eighth
Service/Group: Health / General Health Services
Required No.: 8 (Eight)
4. Post: Medical Lab Technologist

Ad No.: 4/2077/78
Level: Seventh
Service/Group: Health / MLT
Required No.: 1 (One)
5. Post: Health Assistant (HA)

Ad No.: 5/2077/78
Level: Fifth
Service/Group: Health / Health Inspection
Required No.: 8 (Eight)
6. Post: Staff Nurse

Ad No.: 6/2077/78
Level: Fifth
Service/Group: Health / General Nursing
Required No.: 8 (Eight)
7. Post: Lab Technician

Ad No.: 7/2077/78
Level: Fifth
Service/Group: Health / MLT
Required No.: 8 (Eight)
Note: Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, the application form of the candidate who comes to the office to submit the application will not be taken.

For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Social Development, Biratnagar at www.mosd.p1.gov.np for details, and contact Sadananda Bhattarai (Mobile No. 9841594993), Branch Officer of the Ministry.

How to Apply:

Send your required documents at vacancy.mosdprov1@gmail.com
Contact Address:

Koshi Hospital, Covid-19 Treatment Center

Province No. 1, Biratnagar, Nepal

Sadananda Bhattarai Mobile No.:9841594993

Website: www.mosd.p1.gov.np

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