4 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Population

What are the  effects of population increase on health?

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4 months ago CTEVT > Diploma/PCL > PCL In Medical Lab Technology Revised 2019

The effects of population increase on health care:

a. The increased population demands more health services and facilities which is not possible due to economic and political constraints.

b. The ever-growing population has an adverse effect on national health facilities as well as the personal health of each individual.

c. The increased population needs huge resources to fulfill their basic needs as well as additional needs, which deteriorates the environment and affects the health of an individual.

d. Overpopulation creates unsafe environments and the unsafe environment is the cause of exposure to microorganisms, excessive radiation, and the health of an individual gets deteriorated.

e. Nutritious food and a balanced diet cannot be provided to every member of society in a poor country like Nepal. The lack of nutritious food and a balanced diet is the cause of several kinds of diseases.

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