4 months ago Grade -10 (SEE) Environment, Population

Show the relationship between Population, Environment, and development.

1 Answer

4 months ago CTEVT > Diploma/PCL > PCL In Medical Lab Technology Revised 2019

: Population, environment, and development has a very close relationship with each other. The use of natural resources increases due to population growth. The uses of land, water, etc. increase to grow food subsistence. Similarly, population growth causes the growth of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, etc. If the growth of the population goes on, the needs of humans cannot be fulfilled from natural resources. The development activities like construction of road, increase in agricultural production, production of industrial materials, the export of manufactured goods, etc are necessary to be operated in the country for economic development. Such development activities provide employment for people. Skill is developed in them. The level of their work increases. It results in the economic development of a person, society and country. The life standard of people does not change without the developmental activities.

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