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What does industrial development mean? Describe an example.

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4 months ago CTEVT > Diploma/PCL > PCL In Medical Lab Technology Revised 2019

 Industrial development is the trustful means to support the developing countries to become developed ones. Nepal is an agricultural country so that industrial development can be enhanced by utilizing agricultural products. Nepal should be given priority to industrial development. Industrial development has multiple roles that mobilize its human and other resources of the country. It helps to uplift the economic and social standards of the country.
The industrial development of our country is dependent on agricultural products. The sources of raw materials required for industries like minerals, forest resources, etc are found in the environment. Large and cottage industries have vital importance in our country. Cottage industries are necessary to utilize local environmental resources. Common people use their knowledge and skill through local technology and produce necessary materials in their own places which can be consumed in daily life or sold. Industries are related to the environment. Therefore apart from industrial development special consideration should be given to the protection and promotion of the environment. The types of industries are as follows:
• Cottage industry
• Small industry
• Middle scale industry
• Large industry

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