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what is joint family? what are the advantages and disadvantages of joint family?

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A family includes members includes two or more than two generations like grandparents, parents and their children living together under the same roof is called a joint family. this family is also called a consanguineal family. Members of a joint family share all the tasks of food gathering, trade, food preparation, and child-rearing; and at times the social organization is so cohesive that the discrete nuclear families are barely visible in the daily chores, with children addressing all the adult women as “mother.” The joint family comprises a large number of members which has greater generation depth and who are related to one another by property, income, household, and mutual rights and obligations. It is organized on the basis of close blood ties. In a joint family. all family member shares household property commonly. In a joint family, all family member keep their earnings in a common fund out of which family expenses are met. In joint family, The family is headed by a senior person who is usually a male or a female, who makes decisions on economic and social matters on behalf of the entire family.  The joint family follow common culture, have equal rights over property, and celebrates all the festivals and functions of the family together. They are a coherent group. In the joint family, the workload is shared among the members. These joint family members tend to gather often for family events and to feel responsible for helping and supporting one another, both emotionally and financially.

The advantages of a joint family are as follows:

  1.  chance of interacting.
  2.  economical support.
  3. Social and emotional security is attained.
  4. The ability to adjusted in the society is developed.
  5. Business or agriculture/farming is easily carried on.
  6. Knowledge about social norms and values, practices, and traditional is gained.
  7. Division of labor.
  8. Unconditional love.
  9. Responsibility.

The disadvantages of Joint family are as follows:

  1. There is a lack of Modernization.
  2. Encourage birth rate.
  3. Lack of privacy.
  4. Low standard living.
  5. lack of desire fulfill.
  6. Ego clashes in a frequent manner.
  7. Financial pressure.
  8. jealous.
  9. Lack of individual freedom.

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