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What is a Nuclear family? List out the advantage and disadvantages of Nuclear family.

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A family formed by a husband, wife, and unmarried children is called a nuclear family. Generally, the size of nuclear family is small but incase of many children, it may be large. it also receives the name of the conjugal family. A nuclear family is a relationship denoted by a heterosexual, monogamous, and legally married couple (i.e., male and female) with children, living apart from relatives. 

Advantages of Nuclear family are as follows

  • It is easy to fulfil family needs and desires.
  • There is less possibility of disputes because of the small family.
  • There is the freedom to make and take the decision.
  • It is easy to extend proper care to each member.
  • There are deep love and compassion between family member.
  • Development of personality of individuals.
  • No, interference of elders.
  •  no misunderstanding of any sort.
  • Higher consistency with raising their children.
  • Peace and Harmony.
  • Less stress for the earning person in the family

Disadvantages of Nuclear family are as follows

  • There is a lack of security and coordination.
  • Children don't get the chance to learn etiquette.
  •  Loneliness.
  • Insecure For Widow, Old, and Divorce.
  • There is a lack of love and emotional relationship towards others.
  • It becomes difficult to settle the dispute if it crops up.
  • It is difficult to raise a child if both the husband and wife are employed.


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