लोक सेवा तयारी

Loksewa GK Preparatory Exam – Model Set – 8
FM: 20
PM: 8
Cost: Free
Prize : No
Time: 10 Min
Negative Marking: Yes
Total Questions: 20
Total Enrolls:7
This exam will take place on 2021-01-25 13:15 (after One week)


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Please follow the guidelines while appearing in the online exam

  1. You have to enroll for this exam before exam starting time to be able to participate
  2. We suggest you to appear 1 minute prior to exam starting time.
  3. You cannot attend exam if you appear later than 6 minutes after the exam has started.
  4. Attempt all the questions as fast as possible.
  5. Once the time is over, your paper will be automatically submitted.
  6. You will get notification of result within 10 - 15 minutes after the exam has ended.
  7. If you became the winner, please contact us (info@pathshalanepal.com) with your registered (the email you used to register at PathshalaNepal.com ) email for prize.
  8. We wish you


Loksewa(PSC) Group

Online Loksewa GK/IQ Exam

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