Frequently Asked Questions

PathshalaNepal is a unified digital educational platform designed especially for Nepalese Students where one can ask get all the educational informations and engage with the communitiy to ask questions and help other by solving their questions. In short PathshalaNepal is a student hub to Connect Knowledge

PathshalaNepal provides number of services to students like Admission open notices, results notice. Question and Answer community various utilities such as calculator, calander, converters, dictionary, etc for students, and many more

Go to the registration page. and Fill up the form. You can also fill-up the form with your facebook account by clicking "Use Facebook's Data".
  • Create a alphanumeric username
  • Strong password
  • Provide valid email address
  • Enter the six-digits confirmation code you receive in your email address.
  • You can then login and customize your profile.

Asking question is simple. Just navigate to Ask Question . Select the subject(s), provide proper title to the question, and put your question. Make question easily understandable. Explain what you did and didn't work. Explaining your question helps faster acceptance of your question.

In average it can take about 20-30 minutes for your questions to get approved. There are other factors like
  1. How well explained your question is?
    • A well formated and well explained questions are likely to get faster acceptances.
  2. What time of a day have you asked your question?
    • Asking questions in peak hours (evening) may take longer time for your questions to get aproved.

Questions can be disaproved if,
  1. If the question we receive are duplicate. To make sure the questions you've submitted are not duplicate please search first.
  2. If the question doesn't meet our guideline and code of conduct. (ask with friendly words)
  3. If your previously submitted questions had been disaproved, it is highly likely the questions we have submitted will also be disaproved.

About 90% of the questions that are accepted are answered before hand by our experts and editors.

You can click on "answer" button on the question page to answer that question. Remember you must be logged in to answer the question.

If your answer gets respect, then you are awarded with certain points. These points can be converted into real assets later in the future updates of our apps/website

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