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Free Bachelor’s Degree for Residents of Dhulikhel Municipality

July 7, 2020

Residents of Dhulikhel Municipality will be able to study for free bachelor's degree. Dhulikhel, which is going to promote the city as an educational hub, is going to start a free bachelor level from the fiscal year 2077/078 BS.

Ashok Kumar Banju, Mayor of Dhulikhel Municipality, informed that arrangements have been made to provide free tuition to all the students studying at the Dhulikhel Campus and Sanjivani Campus in the city. According to him, the decision was taken by the seventh municipal council of the city. Residents of all 12 wards of the city will have to study in two campuses in the city to get this facility.

Similarly, the municipality has decided to give a 50 percent discount if students from other local levels of Kavrepalanchok district and other districts come to study at Dhulikhel Campus and Sanjivani Campus.

Chief of the Education Branch of Dhulikhel Municipality Madhav Prasad Sharma informed that the decision was taken by the city for quality education to the students.

We have made an arrangement to get the service only if the enrolled student has 70 percent attendance. He said that this rule will not be applicable to those who are admitted and only take the exam later. Sharma informed that Dhulikhel has taken this policy to encourage the economically weaker people and to sustain the students in the city.

He said that a 50 percent discount will be given in any district. The municipality is conducting the program with special importance to provide access to higher education to students from all communities, improve the quality of education, and develop a competitive system, said Sharma.

Education and management are being taught in Dhulikhel and Sanjivani campuses. Currently, 370 students are studying at the undergraduate level. The municipality aims to provide free education to 370 students this fiscal year, according to the education department.


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