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The Chemistry behind Fermenting wine

March 17, 2020

We often proudly say here that "wine is as Armenian as it gets!" Indeed, recent excavations in caves around the town of Areni prove that we have been fermenting and drinking wine for over 6,000 years. That's why, for a relatively young person like me, it's hard to imagine that wine culture almost disappeared in Armenia during the soviet times. winemakers were instructed to cultivate and use grapes just for brandy and sweet wine. It was as only is in the year 2000 that the modern era of wine making began. Armenia has several regions with highly favourable conditions for viticulture and wine making.

Voskehat village in Armavir region is one of them, blessed with fertile soils for grapes cultivation and diverse micro-climates. It's no coincidence that Voskehat literally translates to "Golden Seed" in the old Armenian language. Moreover, it is considered one of the most exquisite among all the grape varieties currently grown in Armenia. The one-famous Scientific Research Institute of wine making in Voskehat.

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