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PathshalaNepal is the Nepal's fastest growing peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents and teachers established in 2019. At PathshalaNepal students connect to both receive and offer helps with homework problems, exams preparations, find latest information on colleges, course, results, educational articles and news.


Realizing the necessary of a global community dedicated for Nepali students, we have launched PathshalaNepal. We are missioned to promote and uplift education in Nepal from the very basic level.

There is a huge gap in students knowledge from east to west of Nepal. Majority of students with high grade and academic excellence are clustered in major cities and Private institutions. But what about other students from marginalized communities and schools? Well this is where we want to reach. We are willing to bridge the gap of these students using the our interactive platform. And hence the motto Connecting Knowledge


  • We have over 500 + Colleges, Schools and Universities so far.
  • We have collected over 1000+ general knowledges question and answer with explanation for each.
  • We have over 500+ academic questions and answers of different grades from 20+ subjects
  • We have the best user interface optimized for all desktop and mobile devices.
  • Students can use of social networking platform to connect to other teacher and students to gain maximum out of pathshalanepal
  • We have a strong team of teachers ready to answer you question with quality answer as soon as you ask
On Top of it, We are rising much faster !!

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